Year’s of targeting

The years of targeting is difficult for all of us targeted individual’s. The General attacking us daily with NSA  Direct Energy Weapon’s. Edward Snowden talked about us Human Subject’s and is known for being a Government whistle-blower. I am one of the toddler’s he is talking about. My whole family was attacked with DEWS.

I have lived in three states and stalked by Government Informant’s (SD.IA.NE.) I have written to the Division office of Civil Right’s in Washington D.C. about the targeting and asked them to investigate this matter. I also wrote to the Federal Communication Commission  and the Dept.of Justice in Washington D.C. I wrote to two FBI’s In Arkansas and one FBI in Iowa & I wrote to four FBI’s in Nebraska where I live. I wrote to the Sheriff of Omaha NE and wrote to the V.A. in Oregon and called the V.A. in West Des Moines IA on Walnut St. I e-mailed and wrote to the President of the United States of America …President Barrack Obama. I called the county attorney and left a message about the attack of Direct Energy Weapon’s and I also called the Victim’s Ass. Unit in Omaha NE plus Crime Buster. I talked to the  Ass. County Attorney of Crawford County and went into the Police Dept. Of Denison IA and talked about the break in’s and stalking. I called Hillary Clinton’s office and left two messages with her Secretary about the DEWS and asked her to get a hold of me. The V.A. has documented into my V.A. file that I am being Electronically Harassed. I have called the Senator’s and the Governor of NE. plus other Senator’s in other States about the Computer Hacking and phone tampering plus US Mail tampering and about this Foreign Covert Intelligence Surveillance and Electronic Harassment and  I have joined several Covert Electronic Harassment Lawsuit’s and signed a ton of Petition’s of our HUMAN RIGHT’S being violated over and over. Generation’s of good families all around the world being controlled and hurt.

I have written to several organization’s and talked to several targeted individual’s who suffer from Direct Energy Magnetic Weapon attack’s. Looking for doors to open and doors to shut. Reaching out to each other trying to help each other. Such as and  and Freedom from Covert Electronic Harassment and Finland and others. I do a lot of research and sharing on Facebook, tweeter and on LinkedIn  and Digg. I know for a fact, that I am a Human Subject and have been shuffled from one program to another. MKULTRA , Bluebird, Artichoke, Starwars, Prism and others. I will speak out and voice my opinion about this injustice and slavery in the 21st. century till protocol changes and our Cities, Counties and States every where recognize us as targeted individual’s  being attacked with Government NSA Direct Energy Magnetic Weapon’s and help us targeted individual’s!

Mz. Donna Joy Plattner

4544 Nicholas St Apt. 4# Omaha NE. 68132 USA



( 402-884-5176 )

(( WARNING ))  I have Government Informant’s known as perpetrator’s hacking into my computer and tampering with my telephone …your call could be rerouted, someone could be listening to our conversation, someone could pretend to me or someone could impersonate someone else on the telephone line and someone may be on the line after I hang up the phone.


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